Three Ways Your Company Can Use Business IT Support

Increasingly, business owners are finding new and more efficient and effective ways to make use of outsourced business IT support to improve their bottom line. If you’re not currently outsourcing, consider these three points as a place of beginning when deciding how a managed services firm may be able to help you.

No Need For A Deep Bench

As a business owner, what’s your single biggest expense? Probably, it’s overhead costs. In the vast majority of cases, that’s the single biggest expense a company faces, and the biggest contributor to overhead costs? Staff salaries.

The good news here is that you can get all the business IT support your company needs without having to staff a broad and deep IT bench. The caveat? You’ve got to have a management team in place that can clearly articulate your business needs as they change and grow, communicate that information to the managed services company of your choosing, then manage the relationship, in addition to the performance metrics to see that the business of your business actually gets done. It’s a tall order, and not every manager will be up to the task, but if you carefully cultivate your management team, you can develop that expertise over time.


Over time, your business needs grow and change. If the makeup of your IT staff doesn’t grow and change with the times, you’ll find yourself at a distinct strategic disadvantage. This is another way that managed services companies can help you. They enable you to maintain, and even increase your company’s current level of flexibility by offering you a range of personnel with a staggering variety of expertise and experience, all available with a phone call.

Pay For Performance

Increasingly, managed service companies are structuring their deals and client relationships so that they only make the big bucks when they help you and your company make the big bucks by wildly exceeding your contract expectations. That means that you can generally get project work at, or near cost, with bonuses kicking in for the managed services company only after the contractual thresholds are met and exceeded. It’s a win-win for both you and the managed services group.

There are, of course, any number of other ways that outsourcing IT tech support can be of great benefit to your company. It’s simply a matter of identifying opportunities within your own organization, then capitalizing on them, all with the advantage of not having to add a single person to headcount!

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