Common Sense Management of Computer Repair Expenses

sledgehammer-151229_640Computer repair can be one of costliest and time consuming efforts in a small business environment. With much of the focus on the cost of IT services, what is often missed is the downtime suffered and its effect on sales and productivity. Being armed with a certain amount of foresight can minimize both the cost and downtime when computers require repair.

Despite advances in technology, the reality is that every piece of computer technology is subject to breaking or simply wearing down. There is no way to predict exactly which piece of hardware will fail or when. Therefore, a manageable line item in the budget for computer repairs is necessary. Scrambling around to find money to pay for essential computer repair when deadlines are to be met or other critical times only makes the situation worse.

However, there is no need for the small business owner to feel helpless when dealing with technology. It is also not necessary for the owner to become a computer expert since most of their time should be devoted to developing the product or providing the service that is their expertise. There are a number of IT services that can be contracted out and will be available on a 24/7 basis. This makes the budgeting for repair services considerably easier since it will be a monthly or annual fee for providing the services.

A more direct and inexpensive approach is to take advantage of currently available products and services that allow the owner to perform periodic maintenance on their desktop or laptop systems. Often, small businesses overlook the fact that many times their ISP offers a free download of anti-virus software that will protect the systems from any malware that could result in a disabled computer. Depending on the brand and operating system of your computers, there are a variety of free tools available on the Internet that will clean up and maintain your hard drive. Many computers simply have an overload of useless data stored on their hard disk that, when using their browser, cause it to be slow or crash an otherwise normal system.

The best solution is to implement a combination of the two approaches. Maintaining your computer hard disks is a simple and quick process that can be scheduled to perform during non-working hours. An array of packaged IT services are available to suit almost every kind of budget so that you can have immediate help available should you need it. While the size of the budget and the practicality of doing some of the maintenance will depend on the size of the company, there is little doubt of the impact an ad-hoc approach to computer repair will result in lost profits and productivity.

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